potty training

Sophia is working hard on potty training. She knows how to take herself in to the toilet to “do” her thing…except when it comes to #2…she still isn’t totally comfortable with that yet.  At school she wears  her undies and naturally, some accidents occur.  Most often it’s that pesky#2, as the sole accident for the day. She refuses to use the small potty we have for her – she prefers the real thing, thank you! At school they have a kid-size real toilet.

School puts soiled clothes in plastic bags…and I don’t like plastic bags. You can’t really reuse them.   I knew there had to be something better I could whip up. I sewed two vinyl bags for carrying soiled clothes and undies.  The small bag has a velcro flap and is for soiled undies. The larger bag carries the smaller bag, as well as any other soiled clothes or blankets.  Most often, we just come home with the smaller bag, which is a good thing (it means less accidents!). They both have a strap, so Sophia can carry them out to the car. When we get home, it’s right into the wash with everything and then back into her school bag once they are clean.

Both bags were made in less than fifteen minutes. I used some lovely vinyl fabric I had picked up last year at Britex Fabrics in San Francisco and some pink ribbon from my stash.  Very stylish! She also has two smaller cloth velcro pouches (made when she was a baby) in her school bag: one for clean clothes and the other for clean undies and socks. They come in handy as well!

soiled clothes bags



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