Sophia goes trick-or-treat!

Sophia went trick-or-treating for the first time last night.  She totally loved it!  It took a couple of houses, but she completely understood that any adult she saw was going to give her candy…or at least, that’s what she thought! She walked up to everyone, said trick-or-treat, and held out her bag.  I was laughing so hard!  We went out with friends in the neighborhood.

I think we only visited 10 house in one hour, but we got lots of candy! One house was the place to be – they were hosting a party outside for anyone who stopped by – tables of food, coolers of kid and adult beverages, and tons of decorations.  And lots of candy.  I think this was the place were Sophia figured out adults were going to give her as much candy as she could hold in her bag! The candy corn bag didn’t hold much candy, which was why I brought the witches’ cauldron to hold the overflow. We had a blast!



And here’s a VIDEO (yes, I finally got a new camera!) of Sophia before we went out:


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