slippers for momma

I love slippers.  Unfortunately, I wear them out very quickly.  I was looking for last year’s pair and found that the bottom’s were all worn out. I checked out Target for some new ones, but just didn’t like the selection or the prices.  Then I remembered I had this crazy plan a few years ago to make these felt slippers as holiday gifts and had ordered a bunch of felt supplies…and never got around to it. I looked at the pattern again, but wanted something else. I remembered Weekend Sewing had a pattern for some simple slippers (plus, a friend had made me a pair after Sophia was born) and I was off!

I selected some fun owl flannel and green polka dots flannel fabrics and strangely enough, I had felted wool left over from another project for the bottom sole.  After checking out another sewers’ tips on sewing these slippers (such as making them a size larger than you want – the pattern runs small), I cut out my pieces.  I deviated from the pattern in that I didn’t feel like hand sewing the sole to the slipper. So, instead, I sewed the slipper inside out, left an opening about 2 inches wide, and pulled the slipper right-side out. My inside seams aren’t pretty, but I have plans for fixing this on the next pair.   I also left off the rick-rack, mostly because I didn’t have any to coordinate with my fabrics.  I may try some next time as well.

One pair of slipper created in under an hour and made with fabrics from my stash – priceless! They sure are comfy and my toes are warm, finally! Sorry the picture are so fuzzy – my NEW camera should arrive shortly!!! I am SO excited!


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