slim pants for a growing girl

I’ve finally finished my new pattern for slim pants in 3T for Sophia.  It took awhile, mostly because I haven’t felt much like sewing lately.  Blame it on the knitting project or just plain laziness. Or the heat wave we’re going through – seriously, where is Autumn? It’s not in Tucson, that’s for sure!

first attempt

Attempt #1 resulted in too baggy of pants – not the look I was aiming for. Baggy is fine for babies, but Sophia is so tall and slim – she deserved some pants that look appropriate for her age. SOB! My little girl is getting so big! Thankfully, she still loves to cuddle with her momma.

second attempt
sophia modeling the "fit" of attempt #2

Attempt #2 found the correct fit, but my pattern needed to allow for a larger seam allowance around the leg hem and a bit higher up on the waistband.  Sophia doesn’t mind – she likes the flowers on these pants.

slim pants - 3T

Now that I have a slim pant pattern perfected, I can cut out more flannel pants for Sophia.  Of course, when it’s in the 90s, it’s hard to get excited about sewing flannel pants.  Hopefully this heat will disappear soon.  Otherwise, flannel pants may have to wait.

close up of owls

I just love owls! And these pants are flannel and sparkly – how could I not get this fabric?


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