a yellow bowl

It’s funny what you reminds you of your childhood.  Whenever I was sick, my mom would make me comfortable and place a yellow mixing bowl beside me, in case of emergency throw-up. We used the bowl for making brownies. Last night, Sophia got hit hard by the stomach bug shortly after we put her to bed. I’m not sure if it was the pre-packaged dish I made for both of us or what (I also felt a bit ill myself afterwards). Of course, it could have been sympathy pains on my part, cleaning up the mess. I certain got sick a number of times, rushing to the bathroom while cleaning.

Jon took her to my bathroom to clean up and I worked on the bed.  It was everywhere, as you can imagine. After striping the bed and taking the bed rail to the other bathroom to hose it off, I pulled her trundle-bed out from her bed to make a new clean spot to sleep. Some clean sheets, a new pillow, and Raf, who somehow managed NOT to get hit with the mess the first go-round.

Another twenty minutes later, we were back at it again. Jon got Sophia cleaned up while I remade the bed. Raf was not so lucky this time.  After a call to my sister, the nurse, to confirm what I thought we needed for an upset stomach, Jon went to the local pharmacy to get some gatorade. Sophia laid on the couch until he was back and we put her to bed again.  She went back to sleep.  I place a little yellow mixing bowl beside her bed. I don’t use it often, since it’s too small for most things. It was remnant of a set of larger bowls that broke over time. For some reason, I’ve never gotten rid of it. However, it came in handy throughout the night.

She woke up many more times, not throwing up as much as before, and mostly making it into the bowl.  I only had to do one more complete bed stripping during the night…but four changes of clothes, pillows, and pillowcases when she missed the bowl. She was up every twenty-to-thirty minutes between 12:30 AM and 3:30 AM, calling out for momma.  It was such a pitiful little sound – you try to do anything not to have your baby make that sound.  I rubbed her back and her head and had her sip some more of her gatorade. Finally, she fell into a deep sleep. Not so for me.

She woke up feeling just fine at 6:00 AM this morning – telling me she threw up last night all over her bed.  And she pointed to the little yellow bowl – that’s where she did it.  And her tummy hurt but was better now.  Thank goodness!

No school today, just some time lying low and relaxing, to make sure the sickness has passed.  And I’m wadding hip-deep through the piles of vomit-filled bedding, pajamas, and toys.  Here’s hoping the washing machine is up to the task today.  A pot of chicken noodle soup will be simmering soon on the stove, the aroma of good health filling the house with love.  It’s a much nicer smell than what we had last night…



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