halloween costume ideas

Deciding on your Halloween costume can be difficult. Originally, I wanted to be a geisha. I already have a wig and just needed to make a costume.


I had what I thought was a brilliant brainstorm after watching the prom episode of Glee – I’ll be a prom queen!  I found a snazzy blue mermaid-style dress at the local thrift store and all that was left to do was find the perfect tiara.

We are going to host a Halloween party again this year, for Sophia and her friends (okay, for us too). But then I thought, do I really want to be a prom queen?

I got to thinking about what I did want to dress up as (because that’s the whole point of a party – dressing up in a costume!) I thought about a flapper idea, but too many people (i.e.: my sister & niece) are already doing that.  This lead me to the Jazz Era and Daisy of the Great Gatsby – similar costume idea, but not too overdone by anyone.  BTW, these costume images are for illustration only – I’m more likely to make or thrift a costume together rather than by one ready-made. Unless I get really lazy, which is a possibility!

daisy from the great gatsby

Then I hit on Holly Golighty from Breakfast a Tiffany’s all I need is an elegant black dress, pearls, and tiara! This costume would satisfy my need for a tiara!


I decided to make a “great Gatsby, Jazz-era” themed costume! Yeah!  And for the inspiration, check out this fabulous wedding done in this theme. How fun and beautiful!


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