an autumn weekend

Nothing beats an autumn weekend! We had our neighbors over for drinks to enjoy the lovely weather, having a nice time sitting on the porch. We laughed like crazy when my Dad pulled in and Sophia and Lucy went nuts – Lucy barking like mad and Sophia yelling “Papa! Papa!”  What a welcome committee! We played at the playground, which strangely was filled with Dads-only and their kids.  Maybe the moms were having some quiet time at home?   Sophia and I pulled all the Halloween decorations out and began the task of decorating.  This mostly entailed Sophia playing with the mice (every day when she gets home from school). We have many plans for making MORE Halloween decorations this weekend too. Jon and Dad were busy blowing up electrical panels (it’s probably best to not mention more about this!)

after the rain one day last week, playing in puddles
sophia loves to pick out her own outfits each day - this was her "dance" outfit when the neighbors came over

sophia really climbed ALL the way up the rock wall - many times
if you sit still long enough, you might get decorated!
playing "mice"

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