autumn dreaming

We had rain almost every evening the last five days.  Today’s high is not even 80 degrees and it looks like it may storm again this evening.  I am in heaven!  This weather has me planning autumn-y things, such as going apple-picking to make apple butter, swooning over autumn felt hats at Target, and cooking some lovely soups.

And thinking about Halloween.  I just adore Halloween and dressing up.  Sophia’s costume is planned, Jon’s in the works (just have to convince him to dress up), and I’m still trying to decide on my costume.  In the meanwhile, some decisions that are easier than others…

cat ears


bat ears


Hmmm…maybe some decisions aren’t easier!  It’s time to pull out all the Halloween decorations this weekend and start having fun!


Sewing projects in the works include a kimono dress, some flannel pants, and some nice handkerchiefs.


Then again, with weather as nice as this, I’m finding it hard to stay inside.  We might just end up working in the garden or sitting on the front porch.  Which would be just as enjoyable.



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