weekending with a chance of rain

We got a break this weekend from the endless heat.  Maybe endless is too strong, but I’m feeling a need for autumn something fierce. We had cloudy days with afternoon and evening showers – and lots of humidity in between. I went out with a friend on Saturday morning to SAS and lunch, while Jon and Sophia played at the playground for 2.5 hours.  We all came home and slept! After a nice swim, we went home for dinner and waited for the rain. It came.  Softly starting to sprinkle, it soon turned heavier. We quickly finished dinner to sit on the porch and watch.

someone likes to draw on herself with the chalk...

And watch the rain fall we did. It flooded our yard. I only wish we had a couple of water cisterns in place to have captured all that glorious rain.

I know Sophia and I did something in the kitchen – I took this picture…

– but I cannot honestly remember what we made.  Maybe that’s not important. All I know is that my little girl saw me getting ready to do something in the kitchen and ran to get her apron. To help.  We had fun.

I was a bit sick this weekend with the never-ending head-cold, so it was nice to rest up a bit. Garden herbs were bought to plant, but we never got around to it. We just played and read and watch the rain.  It was a pretty nice weekend.


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