labor day weekend

My parents and niece came down for Labor Day weekend.  You may have thought Labor Day weekend was a chance to relax and BBQ. While part of the weekend was relaxing, there was also quite a bit of labor-intensive projects around here.

Mom and I had fun with the girls, in between going out for Mom’s first pedicure ever! There were no projects planned when Mom and I sprung our surprise outing on Jon.  Luckily, he’s a great sport.

playing simon says

My dad and Jon did some major work – running electrical 140 feet from one side of the house to the other – to create an outlet for the airstream. This involved quite a bit of trenching and laying of conduit. The heat was pretty intense. Jon and my Dad worked all day long – I got sick after 40 minutes of working outside!


We lucked out Monday with the weather. It was grey and cloudy day, perfect for doing some work on the new truck.  Sophia and I visited some friends (and a new baby) that morning.  We relaxed all afternoon with some well deserved naps.



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