the gracie dress

I just finished making a Gracie Dress by Mama Stellato. It was a fairly easy and simple pattern- I didn’t really have to read the directions more than once. Overall, it’s pattern I recommend – it was only six dollars and the sizes offered range from 6 months to 5T, so those six dollars will really go far. She has a couple of other patterns I’m looking at – the Amelia Top and the Charlotte dress.  I really like the Charlotte dress…it’s a more tailored version of the very simple Peasant dress offered by Prudent Baby – that I made lots of times last year.

I used some fabric from my SAS-found stash – it’s called Giddy by Sandy Gervais for moda and the solid red cotton fabric was from Jo-Ann’s.  I’m still pining away for autumn, as evident by my autumn fabric color and pattern choices! We’re heading into this Labor Day weekend with record heat predicted…autumn seems to be staying away.

I made the 3-T version.  The dress ended up being quite long. I had already added the pocket prior to sewing the hem and just didn’t feel up to a date with my seam ripper to move it higher.  So, this will be a dress for Sophia to grow into, but it is wearable now.  I had even place the pocket higher than recommended, but it’s still a bit low in my opinion. I’ll revise this on the next dress.



Sophia is quite happy with another dress with pockets - as you might imagine!


I thought the method for attaching the collar to the dress body was different.  I would have not sewn the two collar pieces together entirely first.  Instead, I would have pinned the front facing collar to the dress body and then sewn the back facing collar.  I think it would have resulted in a less bulk in the collar-dress body intersection, but the cotton materials I selected look okay using the method specified in the pattern. Of course, it would have taken much longer to do my way.



No dress is complete without a coordinating set of bloomers – this time in red cotton! Although, Sophia can change things up if she wants to – I already made a blue set of bloomers that will work with the dress!


One thought on “the gracie dress

  1. Such a cute dress! I wish I could get Sofia to wear anything but white onsies right now. Were going through a phase. At least she will wear clothes out in public because I said it was the rule! We went from socks to winter tights to white onsies. Thanks for the pattern links too, she’s got some cute things!

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