some lovely unmentionables

Sophia loves to run into her room in the morning to pick out a dress to wear to school. She can wear whatever she wants (except her bathing suit or pajamas) and she usually picks a dress.  Make that a pink dress. Sometimes I can convince her to select a different dress. Wearing a dress necessitates wearing bloomers, in my book. Or maybe a pair of shorts in a pinch, if all the bloomers are dirty. Until today, we just didn’t have enough bloomers to keep up with her demand for dresses.

you may spot a pair of bloomers that matches a dress recently's on its way to alexa as well

I hardly ever make the elastic invisible around the leg. I picked up some pretty blue and pink lacy elastic from SAS that I like to use instead. Mostly, I’m just lazy about threading elastic through the casings – once around the waist is enough for me!  I’d show you a picture, but the old bad camera is refusing to do close-up shots that aren’t blurry.  I miss my good camera.  I need a new one so badly.

But now we have enough to last a week’s worth of dress wearing – plenty of pink and some different colors of blue.  I do need to add a few other colors of the rainbow, but now that I have this pattern by MADE down (and btw, she has a great tutorial), it’s simple to make more.


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