an ice cream dress for Alexa

After last week’s sadness and ongoing unresolved professional issues I’d rather not dwell on, I decided to do something creative to get me out of this funk. I made Alexa an ice cream dress by Oliver & S for her second birthday (which I did miss last Friday, but I think she’ll forgive me). I used fabrics from my stash. The turquoise blue is from SAS and the brown print I picked up at Britex Fabrics when we were in San Francisco.  I’ve been wishing for autumn weather (wouldn’t you, in this heat?) and I think that’s clear from my selection of the printed fabric.  I really like how that turquoise blue jazzes up the whole dress.  Sophia gave it her approval.

If Alexa likes the pockets half as much as Sophia, I’ll consider it a success! I’m going to branch out of these ice cream dresses for awhile – even though I really enjoy sewing them.  Time for a new Sophia dress challenge – that is, after I finish catching up on all of those August birthdays that crept up on me!


2 thoughts on “an ice cream dress for Alexa

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