the knit sweater challenge

For our upcoming Maine trip, I wanted to bring a knitting project that was challenging than a scarf.  After checking out ravelry, I found this pattern for a “whispy cardi” by Hannah Fettig.  You can check out her website here.

whispy cardi by Hannah Fettig

It is so pretty! I like that this pattern is knit in the round, which I hear is easier when creating sweaters.  And this is a cardigan, not a full sweater. With three quarter sleeves.  Hopefully an easier first sweater project. I went to our local knitting store to find some yarn. The gals there were very nice and Sophia did really well in the store, playing with some blocks.  Or so I thought…

While we were looking for yarn, Sophia managed to find a crayon in the blocks.  She brought it out to show me and I quickly confiscated it, knowing how she tends to color anything as soon as she can.  Unfortunately, it was not soon enough. When we went to back in the other room to put away the blocks, she had managed to color 4 big tiles on the floor. I was mortified  – they had just finished telling about a horribly behaved child who had been in the store earlier that day, throwing yarn everywhere.  I made them let me clean it up. Thankfully, the owners were really nice about it and told me to definitely bring her back again.

Sophia and I make yarn balls at home (what is it called anyway when you unwind the skeins and wind them into balls??) I really like these colors. They look so lovely – I hope this project turns out well!

I may have taken my personal challenge a bit too far. Thankfully, we’ll be seeing my good friend Antje on this Maine trip, who also happens to be a knitting expert!


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