an update from the chickies

Our chickens started laying eggs this week, a few months ahead of schedule. Even though the eggs are really small (less than half the size of large eggs), it’s exciting to see the chickens laying. Our only (hopefully) rooster is freezer-bound this weekend.  This was my plan, even though it is a hard road to take.



our rooster- such a pretty guy


The girls (and guy) just got their run and coop mucked out, so everything is nice and clean to encourage lots of egg laying. The chickens broke a window in the coop (I can see how – they keep flying into it anytime they run out en mass). I’ll need to replace this window, but it is unlikely to get done before the Maine trip.  I have a large bag full of nectarines from my neighbors tree that need to be made into jam this weekend, along with the rooster item mentioned above, as well as one dress for me to finish.  And maybe another Sophia-sized dress for a little girl having a birthday next month.




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