becky’s scarf

My dorm roommate my first year of college was Becky.  We had been friends in high school and thought it would be good to room together that first year on campus.  I think we both had a lot to learn about living with other people (which we did), something I think is completely normal your first time away from home.  We lost touch after that first year and only recently reconnected thanks to Facebook.  Becky had offered to make Sophia a box of hair goodie (she’s handy with the glue gun) and in return, I offered to make her something.  She wanted a cowl scarf. I ordered the yarn she wanted from Purlsoho and then the project just sat there.


I’m not a fast knitter in the best of times and it has been sewing season.  While packing for our beach trip, I knew I wanted a knitting project to work on.  Becky’s scarf was just begging to be taken to the beach.  We sat on the beach and I pulled out that lovely baby alpaca yarn and began.  Before I knew how it happened, Becky’s scarf was complete.  Sophia even found a pretty dark and light brown striped seashell to match!

I wish I could say that the scarf is perfect, but I knitted it, so that’s not going to happen.  I hope she enjoys it this fall.


2 thoughts on “becky’s scarf

    1. deserthomespun

      we learned so much! i hope anyways! i can’t wait for you to get your scarf! we’ll plan a weekend soon! of course, it’s 100+ degrees now so it will be awhile before you can wear it!

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