sophia’s kitchen

Sophia received an IKEA kitchen from my parents for her birthday (and did I mention the number of parts!) It took me and hour and half to put the kitchen together.  The girls played with the felt fruits and food and made us cups of tea while we constructed it.  After the kitchen was finished, what more could a girl need, except some pot holders, a tea towel, and some aprons? In some lovely fabrics please!

I am pretty happy with the way the aprons turned out. I just measure both girls and drew up a pattern. The girls picked out fabrics from my stash and off I went sewing.

Here’s the quick pattern I drew.  I folded paper in half and drew a couple of horizontal lines (4 inches across, 6 inches across, and 8 inches across) putting the waistline (the 6 inch line) about 1/3 down the length.  My length here was 21 inches. I connected the lines (dark lines in illustration above) and cut out the pattern. For the pocket, I just used another piece of paper and made it 6 inches in width and followed the angled lines of the apron. I made two pockets by sewing a line right down the center of the apron.

I elected not to make a waist tie, so that the girls could put these aprons on entirely by themselves.   The neck band is just 12 inches of elastic thread through about 18 inches of a fabric tube.  I made my tube about an inch wide – just folded the fabric right-sides together and sewed the edge, then turned it right-side out. I like the scrunched look of the fabric.

These little aprons were really fast once I cut everything out.  I’ll be making more of them, mostly becuase we sent Sedona home with her apron! I do think these aprons will be useful when actually cooking in my kitchen as well. We’ll see.

Here’s a quick picture of Sophia playing with the legos my brother James and his girlfriend Karima sent: she loves them!

building a zoo
and destroying the zoo! the animals have escaped!

One thought on “sophia’s kitchen

  1. How cute. I especially love the gathered fabric around the elastic for the neck hoop, really nice detail.

    Looks like she’ll be having lots of fun in her kitchen (and hopefully helping out in yours too!)

    Thanks for sharing.

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