sophia turns 2! a couple of times!

Actually, she had a couple of parties and she really only turned 2 once.  We celebrated with friends at the beach (btw, Trinka has posted pictures & videos!)  and on her actual birthday, just the three of us had a great dinner and some cheesecake brownies.  And then we celebrated this weekend with my parents, GG (Great-Grandma Mary), and my niece Sedona (with red velvet cupcakes with cream cheese frosting and PINK sprinkles).  That’s a lot of cake! I bet we’ll do a bit more celebrating when we head back east to Maine in a week or so with Jon’s family.

This weekend, Jon and my dad worked hard on some trailer repairs from our trip.  My mom and I put together an IKEA kid’s kitchen (OMG – the number of parts!), with GG looking on.  The girls had fun playing!  We even went swimming…but sadly, there were no monsoon storms.

At Sophia’s doctor appointment today, it was no surprise to us that she’s in the 96% percentile for height, at 36 and 1/4 inches. She’s 30 pounds – and let me tell you – that’s heavy when she decides you have to carry her for long distances and you’ve forgotten the carrier! She is quite verbal – picking up new words almost every day it seems. Even words we’d rather she not pick up (and use in a rather comedic timing).  She’s still a good sleeper (at night and long naps during the day).  During lunch today, she kept telling me “I like it!” about her pasta & tomato lunch. She’s quite the character.





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