how we camp with our airstream

I wanted to share how we set up our site when we camp in our 1971 Safari Land Yacht Airstream, which we’re had for about a year and half now. Once we get the trailer leveled side to side and front to back (or as close as we can), Jon hooks up the water and electric (if we’re lucky enough to stay somewhere with hook-ups) and the blue tank (which is our overflow for grey water).  Our trailer storage tank for grey water is only 10 gallons, so it helps to have the overflow tank to dump.  We set up the awning together.

My job is to set up the rest of the camp. This is difficult to do if Sophia is grumpy from a long drive. I first have to lay out the blue “carpet” and then set up the kid corrals to keep her inside and away from any traffic. Then I need to unload everything we’ve stashed inside the trailer (bike trailer, toys, ETC) so I can begin to set up.  We have our outdoor dining room – with the table Jon and my Dad handcrafted.

In this picture, you can see off to the left the outdoor clothes drying rack.  We use this for swim suits and towels.  Or dresses if you happen to somehow get wet anytime you’re near a body water…Sophia.

Next, I need to make sure Sophia has all her toys in the “playroom” so she can stay busy while I set up..

the "playroom"

Those “poofs” I made sure come in handy for story-time.

If we’re lucky and have more space, we have the “lounge”.

Everybody likes to lounge.  Sophia has a moveable chair – that is, she moves it to whichever location she deems best at that time of day.

Inside the trailer, we have Sophia’s bed/couch. There’s a radio in the nooks above, so it’s nice to listen to the local NPR station.  It would be nice to somehow set up a cd player or something that could run on batteries if needed here as well.  Those are four storage bins underneath the couch.

When inside the trailer, Lucy can most often be found here.  Sometimes we pull the bed out completely (from a twin to a queen). Lucy likes to sleep on the bed regardless of size.  But it’s nice to have room to walk about when it is keep twin-sized.  The bed rail is very handy for keeping Sophia from falling out…but unlike her room at home, she can come over in the middle of the night to wake you up for something.   It’s also a nice place to sit (in the opening) with a glass of wine while cooking dinner.

This is the kitchen.  On the other side, we have a pantry for dry goods and small fridge.  You have to conscience of space limitations when cooking.  The fridge can hold about three meals-worth of food to prepare in the fridge, along with breakfast & lunch items. I even managed to fit some ice cream and Popsicles in the freezer this time.  We used the oven for the first-time ever on this trip!  Here’s what I made for a couple of dinners: garlic vegetables with scallops simmered in soy sauce and ginger; tarragon & parsley salmon in a pie crust (couldn’t find puff pastry) with a fennel compote; steak fajitas with spanish rice; flounder stuffed with crab over rice pilaf; and sesame-seasoned mixed vegetables with scallops, calamari, & shrimp.

Washing dished requires using this small plastic tub I soak & scrub dishes in, rinishing them off on one side of the sink, and then placing them in the strainer.  I usually dry most dishes right away in order to have the room to make tea after dinner if we want some. All the pots and pans are stored in the oven.

After cooking fish one night, I couldn’t get the “fishy” smell out of the kitchen.  I scrubbed and scrubbed and cleaned everything.  Then I opened up the oven to find all Sophia’s seashells she had collected.  It turned out she had collected a live mussel, which was the cause of the smell!

I didn’t take a photo, but this trip we kept our bed out all the time.  The bed was originally a twin that makes out into a double.  We modified it to a king, which is just luxurious. We were able to take naps in the afternoon with Sophia without having to make the bed first. making the bed is a production. We did have to keep all of our clothing in the upper bins rather than the side compartments, but I didn’t mind.  I pulled out what I needed for the week from the closet and hung dresses in the shower (which we did not use). We showered at the coin-operated showers instead. We also use our bed for watching movies at night.  One side has a nice little nook that fits the diapers & wipes and my laptop perfectly.  Instant media room!

And that’s how we camp with our airstream!


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