camping at bolsa chicha

We spend a week at Huntington Beach – also known as Bolsa Chicha.  More sun and sand (lots of playing in the sand).  We even were able to meet up with some friends! Sophia turned 2! It was a very exciting trip!

moon jelly fish

We went to the Aquarium of the Pacific, with many interactive displays for kids. Sophia loved it!

Sophia even got to pet a couple of sharks!

our shade set up at the beach

we collected lots of seashells!

We watched many spectacular sunsets at the beach.  The wind picked up at night, often driving us inside the trailer to stay warm! After the wind blowing on you all day, you need a break from it. We watched some movies as a family a couple of nights or just read. You’ll have to wait for pictures from the rest of our trip, because my camera died five days before we left.  I bought a couple of disposable cameras to help tide us over. I’ll share more photos when I get them developed or friends have them posted!


2 thoughts on “camping at bolsa chicha

  1. Trinka

    We’re having problems with our internet at home! I think it’s our router, which is a total bummer, because we just bought it about 6 mths ago. I’ll post the pics as soon as our internet situation is figured out. This weekend we’re headed up to Pine Mountain Club though, so it may not be for another week! Sorry! It was great seeing you!

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