sewing in anticipation

I’ve reached the point where I cannot take the heat anymore. We’re leaving town on tomorrow  for two weeks at the beach.  It’s going to be bliss – cool breezes, gentle waves, and time together to relax. We did have one monsoon storm this week (and a three minute storm, which does not count). It was wonderful, but the monsoons just haven’t arrived yet. But the heat is on…full blast.


I’ve been sewing things for trip, things we MUST have, like a hat for Sophia since we left one in Phoenix.  A couple of Amy Butler gumdrop pillows or “poofs” for the trailer. And an AMH Socialite Dress in Voile, just for me.  So maybe only the hat was a necessary item…I made the brim wider, so more of Sophia’s face would be protected from the sun.

i made this poof smaller so that the stuffing would firmer. i don't like the way it turned out, so will re-do once we return


We had some friends over for a pre-Fourth of July party (we plan on leaving town at 4 am to beat the heat Tuesday morning). Dinner was done all on the grill, even dessert!




Happy Fourth of July everyone! We’ll see you again when we return from the beach!


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