new patio chairs!

I just wanted to share my amazing bargains found at Target.  We needed new wicker-style chairs for the front patio – the ones I found at a yard sale last year  were completely falling apart.  I knew I didn’t want real wicker, since the Arizona sun just destroys everything.  I had seen some nice poly-resin wicker chairs at Target in the spring, but they were so far out of our price range, I just told myself to forget about it. The other day Sophia and I went in for some diapers for our Phoenix trip and came home with…

Two chairs and a loveseat for far less than 1/6 of the original price!  The gal who helped  me put it in the car was doubtful 1) of us making it fit in the car, and 2) me making it home without an incident.  The store had no rope and I unfortunately had loaned Jon my bungee cords for his field work trip, so we just drove home slowly and with the hazard lights on.

Needless to say, we made it home just fine.  The orange cushions are from the previous chairs – I just like that color.  The love seat cushion is too big for the new love seat, but it’s an improvement over the boring tan that came with the chairs.  I’ll eventually recover those cushions, but for now, it’s just nice to sit on the porch in a chair without getting poked in the arm from broken wicker bits. Now where is my iced tea?


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