blueberry jam

Sophia and I hosted a few friends over this week to make blueberry jam.  Making jam is so simple.  First you need some good friends to join you, yummy fruit, canning jars, pectin, lemon juice, sugar, and some large pots.  A food processor is nice to puree the fruit up, but not necessary – you could just mush it with a food masher. We used the low-sugar recipe from last year – works like a charm!

amy holding abby's new baby girl ruby
kc looking lovely at 31 weeks preggo, sporting a AMH handmade belt
owen & sophia - the official blueberry tasters before jam-making commences
sophia & ruby
amy & owen and kc & sofia
wyatt - the proud new big brother
sofia & sophia
my only picture of jam-making - i am sure kc will have more to share too
wyatt & owen playing with the dog's food stand

We made 71 half-pint jars of blueberry jam.  I wish I had thought to take a photo of the towering stack of jam jars, but I was kinda tired and forgot.  Nothing beats putting your feet up after 3+ hours of canning, sipping some ice tea! Except maybe eating the fruits of your labor!


One thought on “blueberry jam

  1. I will have pictures to share! I’ll get to it tonight and post a link here! I had such a great time. Canning in such quantities was quite impressive.

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