going to the water

We’ve just returned from a little trip to the Colorado River near Parker, AZ.  We were actually on the CA-side in a place called Emerald Cove.  My mom got us two cabins for free since she knows the owners.  The water was wonderfully cool and the temperatures weren’t too bad, especially with the breeze. It was good to see my family and get away from the heat here.

Things to remember:

  • How long it took me to build that sand castle and how quickly it took the girls to destroy it.
  • Sophia and Lucy in the car, intently watching Charlie & Lola.
  • That damn horse drinking all my wine, every time my back was turned.
  • Laughing so hard while playing cribbage, I was unable to put pegs in the holes. Mom & Sarah blamed the wine, but really that horse drank more than me!
  • Jon & Sophia’s first ride on a jet ski.  Sophia fell asleep at the end of her ride.
  • The girls laughing with their Gram.
  • Catching up with my sister.
  • Watching HG TV in our cabin at night!

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