two hats for two cousins

After making Sophia a hat from Little Things to Sew, I knew I wanted to make even more hats for her.  A girl needs variety in hat colors, right? I whipped up these two reversible bucket hats for Sophia and Sedona for our trip the cabin along the Colorado River.




Sophia needed a hat with pink and blues.




I thought Sedona could use a pink or green hat.


sophia thought she'd try both at the same time


I followed the directions pretty closely this time around. I do recommend paying attention to the seam allowances, except for the brim – I did a smaller allowance to try to get a larger brim.  However, I draw the line at hand sewing! I disregarded the last step: instead of hand sewing the second cap on to the brim, I pinned right-sides together most of the way around the brim and machine sewed (leaving an opening to pull the hat right side out through).  Then I machine sewed around the cap/side panel portion to the brim.  Works for me!  More hats will be on the way…a red one would be nice, I think!


If you haven’t picked this book up and like to sew for kids, you need to.  While I’ve only made the hats so far, I have many sewing project in the queue planned, just from this book!


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