gumdrop pillow

I made a gumdrop pillow this weekend, using Amy Butler’s pattern.  I used some SAS-found Amy Butler Midwest Modern fabric.  I had ordered three large boxes of fiberfill from JoAnn’s awhile back and I really wanted to get at least one box removed from beside my desk!

The hardest part of this pattern was cutting the fabric! The pattern requires you to cut one side of the pattern piece and then flip the pattern over and cut the other side. I did this for one of the pieces, and then just used the fabric piece I just cut as my guide. Of course I cut the entire gumdrop pillow out in a different fabric before decided I didn’t like it (the fabric, not the pattern!)  Otherwise, it was pretty intuitive to put the pieces together.

I didn’t stuff as much fiberfill as called for on the pattern (7 – 12 oz bags!!) .  I stuffed three pounds and the pillow was plump, but not completely full. Next time, I could use larger seam allowances and I think that would adjust the shape just enough for the amount of fiberfill I have in one box.  Besides, Sophia likes it.  That’s all that matters!


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