growing up

My little baby is growing up so quickly! I’m sure every parent feels that way about their child.  Especially when the baby has outgrown the crib and is ready for a big-kid bed.  This happened to us this week.

I thought about just taking off the front of the crib so Sophia could just climb in and out of it, but worried about her rolling off the crib.  I would have placed pillows beneath the crib, just in case, but you can’t put pillows everywhere and still move about the room. She really liked this idea, as you can see…

I ordered this extra-long bed rail for the twin daybed we had planned on using for Sophia.  It was our guest bed, with a trundle underneath.  I put the rail together and tested it out on the daybed.

Sophia rather liked it (that’s her demonstrating “sleep”), so I began the laborious task of dismantling the crib and the daybed and moved both.  The I had to move the other daybed we had in the playroom into the guest room/Jon’s office for guests like my Dad.  When my parents come to stay, they sleep out on the couch, which folds down into a queen-sized bed. Oh, and then reorganize the playroom to fill in the empty spaces! And then move the crib from the guestroom out to the shed when I got the call my dad would indeed be in town for the night!

I need a full-body massage just thinking about all that again!

My body was killing me by the end of all this…and it was only mid-morning! I put on the pretty green sheets I had bought for Sophia’s new bed.  All she needs now is a lovely new quilt, of which I have many ideas for (more soon on this, I promise!)

I’ve since put a rather large pillow on the floor where the opening is – it looks quite large from this angle, but really isn’t.  The bed rail covers most of the bed nicely. That pillow needs a new cover too…and I have just the fabric for it!

The room layout isn’t what I’d like, but until the changing table is removed, it will have to do.

What I’d like to do is move the tall bookcase to where the changing table currently is located and put the chair in the corner where the bookcase is, with a pretty light overhead – something like this – to create a nice reading nook. And that chair needs a slipcover so badly!  But first, the quilt needs to be made (or at least, the details finalized!) and then the colors will dictate the chair slipcover and lantern.

In the meanwhile, Sophia’s enjoying the visitors who are coming to check out her room and new bed.

And as for the sleeping part of the new bed, she doing pretty well.  She had a shorter nap the first day (2 hours instead of her usual 3), and was up really early (5:30 am!) the next morning and came to snuggle with her momma for another 1/2 hour before deciding we needed to get up! I think the transition will work out just fine.


One thought on “growing up

  1. Yeah for big kid beds! I could only dream of a 2 hour nap let alone 3! I would do anything for a 5:30 or 6 am wake up call. We are up at 5 or even 4:50 every morning….

    Can’t wait to see the quilt. I’ve been making pillow cases and sheets for my Sofia’s bed thanks to all the really big pieces of fabric they’ve had a SAS lately.

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