i just love this girl!

She peed on the dog bed the other morning (seriously, don’t ask HOW this happened!), but man, I just love this little girl!  She’s so much fun and just so silly.

We spend so much time laughing, sometimes I forget what started us off in the first place!  Jon is out of town for four days, so it’s just us girls here…we’re going to have a blast!  Tonight we colored the patio with all kinds of chalk drawings and Sophia even thought coloring the dog with chalk was a good idea.  Luckily, Lucy is pretty low key.

Seriously, how luck am I????

Maybe we’ll even have time to sneak in some Jane Austen movies – in between the Charlie & Lola, if I’m lucky! You know how Dada dislikes watching those, since they usually make me cry!

And here’s a sneak peak at the dress I made recently..again, I need to brush my hair before we take anymore pictures on the weekend!

I’ll post about the dress soon!


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