Another SAS jackpot

I stopped by SAS last week, to get one little piece of blue fabric.  I ended up leaving with so much more.  I found many Amy Bulter, Heather Bailey, and Anna Maria Horner fabrics  – I just couldn’t leave them behind!!!

Here are some ideas for the fabrics… slipcovers for the chairs in the playroom, using Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden fabrics?

remember this fainting couch i hauled home from phoenix?

and what about my favorite thrift store find?

The only problem with using such vibrant colored fabrics… can you guess?

Yup, the fabrics clash with the curtains.  And these curtains took so much time to sew…because of the many windows in the room.  I’m just not sure if I’m up for another sewing marathon involving curtains.  Even though I really want to use the vibrant colored fabrics as slipcovers – especially for the playroom. What do you think?

Here are a few more great finds:

future shirt
future skirt - AMH fabric


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