sewing with sophia

Sophia and I decided to make a 15-minute dress for her the other day.  We moved the learning tower into the sewing studio and placed it next to the sewing table.  We found some leftover fabric from last year, already shirred (rows of elastic thread) around the top.  A quick couple of measurements and we were off!

We started by measuring her chest – 20 inches and deciding to cut the top of the fabric to 17 inches (it really stretches out, so this way the dress will fit well).  Then I angled my cutting so the bottom portion of the dress would be wider.  I pressed the seam flat and pinned it.  Sophia played with some of the extra fabric.

I sewed the side seam and the bottom seam.  Sophia played with the measuring tape.  We tried the dress on.  It looked good, but I prefer these types of dresses to have straps for little girls.

We could have used the extra fabric to make straps…but, then it would take longer than 15 minutes. I looked in the bias tape box and found some pretty pink tape. Wohoo!

After pinning the straps to the dress to position them, I sewed the straps onto the dress.  Presto!  A dress for Sophia!

It’s a little too long – not enough room for climbing, so I’ll go back and fix that.  But she’s happy wearing her new dress she helped make! And it only took 15 minutes!


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