planning a studio space

I’ve been a bit preoccupied lately…been thinking about how difficult it is to have at all my craft and sewing items scattered throughout the house and how much work it seems (lately) to be motivated to get things out to create anything.  And I got to thinking about what it would be like to have everything hand, ready to go.  I took a look around this room where my office and all our books are located and thought, hmmm.  This could work.  Not relocating these important zones to another area (we just don’t have the space for that), but how to incorporate office/books/crafting all in one space.

And then I stumbled over to here and saw this craft space. Wow.  So pretty and organized. Well now, I could do that!  I just need to take  trip to Ikea (big sigh) and get these items: an expedit bookcase and an expedit desk:

I moved all the Ikea Billy bookcases we already have to one wall. (We like Ikea, what can I say?)

Then I needed to figure out the best configuration for the remaining bookcase, my desk, plants, and the cat litter box. This took a bit of time and moving heavy furniture back and forth. I really like having my work desk look out into the playroom – and out through to the back yard.  The cat box, well, I need to pretty it up,so for now, it’s where it’s going to be.

Add a pretty rug and lighting over the sewing desk (both also from Ikea) and presto: a new sewing studio space.

those darn cats have already made this their own...

Maybe not as spiffy as AMH’s unbelievably gorgeous new space, but hey, I gotta work with  a what I’ve got (and what Ikea’s got). I really like the new space!

The only problem, so far, it that my work desk chair is too low for comfortable sewing at the sewing table!  I need to raise the chair up a few inches (not exactly possible with the current chair), so I’ll need to look for some other rolling chair at the thrift stores or craig’s list. And I really only wanted one chair in here to keep it from being cluttered…maybe using a pillow in the chair will work? Also, the slipcover needs updating…

The Ikea portion of the studio almost didn’t happen! I went up there one day, after calling the day before to ensure the expedit stuff was available…and when I arrived, they couldn’t find it!  This could have been a really unhappy situation, but luckily, they were awesome and shipped it down (at their cost) within a few days. Thanks Ikea!

So far, only sewing items have made it into the studio space.  All my yarn & knitting & crocheting stuff is still in the living room.  I’ll have to move all that  ino the studio and organize it…but for now, here’s a glimpse at my latest sewing project!

top secret baby girl quilt...shh!

4 thoughts on “planning a studio space

  1. Trinka

    Looks great! I had that same lamp shade at my craft table :)… until Onyx freaked out, knocked the lamp off the table, and broke it! Happy sewing!

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