mccall’s 5659

In between gardening and chickie chores, I managed some time for sewing.  I even branched out!  I made the McCall’s 5659 pattern, using fabrics from my stash.



While the dress turned out, no thanks to the instructions (more on this in a bit), the dress just doesn’t fit.  I’ve taken it in the body and still, it is just too big.  I made the size based on chest measurements (which is recommended for tailoring clothes), and it’s just big.  Big sigh. A giant tent…but there may be hope to fix it…


The instructions, in some areas, were pretty unclear.  I am not sure how many beginners could have done this project.  The method for creating the arm bands was laughable and I actually had to redo them (once using their method, because I was trying to follow the pattern, and then once the logical way) and yet, they still stick out more than I like.


What drew me to this pattern was the neckline – something different! And if you had followed the direction for making it, you would have been pulling your hair out!  I just browsed the instructions at that point and did it another way.

Here’s the enormous tent pleat.  I think I’ll revamp this area using this recommendation from sewhappyclothes: “replaced the single pleat in the middle with ten 1/4″ pleats that extend down to the waist. Below the waist, traced the pleats and then cinched the waist with elastic thread in a process called shirring“. That should take care of the pregnant dress look. Although, shirring doesn’t always work well for me…hmmm….


What do you think about the colors? I only had enough of the print to use what I did and lucked out with the blue in the stash.  Do  you think this dress would look better if in all one print, like here? Or maybe I should have used jersery fabric for stretch?  And maybe make it in a smaller size??? Maybe I’m just selecting dress patterns that don’t work for my body type? I don’t know…

I asked Jon what he thought about the dress and he said it was ok. So, I asked another question: “what if I wore it out in public”?  He answered: “oh, I thought it was a house dress”.   Not the look I going for, I’m afraid!


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