Owee Chickies

Sophia and I picked out our twenty new little chickies last Friday.  I had told Sophia we would be getting baby chickens – and she smiled and screamed – “Owee Chickies”.  Owen is the son of Amy, who recently turned 1 year.  I guess in Sophia’s mind, all babies, regardless of species, are “Owee”.

We brought the new girls to their new home – a nicely cleaned chicken coop!  The brooder area was all set up inside a large kid pool from ACE hardware, with a heating lamp and food and water containers.  They were pretty cute!  Amy and her boys stopped by to check them out!

When Sophia and I went out to check on them in the afternoon – three had already escaped from the pool and were running around the inside of the coop, desperately trying to find a way back in!  Clearly, the girls were too big for the pool.  After removing the pool and just letting them run around the inside, it seemed like everyone had calmed down.

mean black hen

I went to check on all the girls before bedtime, to make sure they were all under the heating lamp.  Imagine my surprise when I saw the three black chickens holding court beneath the heat lamp, keeping everyone else away!  That was so not good!  I added more wood chips to the floor for everyone to make “nests” in and scolded the black hens.  After peeking everyone to show her superiority, the Mean Black Hen allowed all the chickies to gather around under the heat.

It’s funny how quickly the personalities are showing through.  There is the Mean Black Hen, determined to make sure everyone knows she comes first for everything (I hope she doesn’t turn out to be a rooster…or do I???)  There is Scaredy Chickie, who hides in the corner and makes loud peeps if you try to hold her.  There is the Adventure Chickie, who somehow managed to escape the coop into the run (I had it all blocked off and have NO idea how this happened).  She was so happy to be rescued, she just continued to run around my feet and almost rub against me like a dog would have.

It’s great to have chickens again.  Too bad it will be months before they start laying. Sophia just has a blast trying to get them to come over to her so she can pet them.


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