a fairy tale ending

Remember my big plans for the  remaining chickens???  Well, it didn’t quite happen that way. I was going to “take care of business“, getting the coop ready for the new batch of chicks – which were scheduled to arrive just after we returned from our trip. However, I just didn’t have time to “take care of business” before we left, so the girls had a reprieve until we returned.  During that time, one of my neighbors came up with an idea of how to “save the old girls”! Since we weren’t planning on eating them, I too had looked into a way to save them (other than me keeping them – no chicken pets here please –  but had no luck.


Operation “save the old girls” has resulted in a happy ending, just like in a fairy tale.  See, my neighbor (the plant guy) manages a local plant nursery and his wife just hated the idea that the girls would not get their happy ending.  So she told him the girls would come to live at the nursery, where they already had one old chicken who needed some friends! They also have goats, rabbits, fish, turtles, and chickens at the nursery! He, being a smart guy, listened to his wife and agreed.


I gathered the girls up this morning and put them in my enormous cat carrier I found at the thrift store for transporting chickens.  Suprisingly, all three hens fit inside, with room to spare.  I wheeled them over to the neighbor’s house (using Sophia’s red wagon – that wagon is SO handy!) before he left for work.  We loaded the old girls up in the truck (along with their leftover feed) for their voyage to their new home –  Civano Nursery.


At their new home, the girls will get to run free through the gardens, eating bugs and living large.  They have a nice new coop to settle into – and I think they will be very happy indeed.  See – the “old girls” got their happy ending.  And in case you’re wondering where the “prince” fits in with this story – well, I don’t think you need a prince to be happy (but if you do find one, they sure can be nice!), but – remember that old chicken I mentioned that currently resides at Civano?  Apparently, she stopped laying eggs a few years ago, grew spurs, and crows like a rooster.  She sometimes chases people around the nursery too. So, if any of my “old girls” feels they need a price, I’m sure that chicken would be happy to oblige them.


And that’s what I call “happily ever after”!





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