More of the Beach Trip

Our first day found us up early, hoping to get to Banning, CA, before dark.  We arrived around 2 pm (the time change worked in our favor), with only one small problem: our fuel transfer tank wouldn’t pump gas.  Luckily, Dad and Jon fixed it (it was sucking in air, not pumpinggas out).  After hooking all the utilities to the trailer up, we had our next problem: busted water pumps beneath the sink – they had frozen during that cold spell we had and we didn’t notice! Again, Dad came to the rescue and fixed it.    Thank goodness for my Dad! He has everything in his truck, and if not, he know how to fix things.


I thought I had taken a picture of Sophia’s bed, but I didn’t.  I used the baby barricades on three sides of the front bed and used bungee cords to secure them to the bed.  The  barricades weren’t quite long enough, but it worked.


my sister on kid-duty




jon went for a morning bike ride up these hills



We left the next morning to see Trinka and Aaron in Glendora on our way to the beach.  We had a lovely visit at their lovely new home.  We had such yummy pizza (serious Trinka, I need to have BBQ Pizza again!) and the girls had a great time playing together! It was so good to see our friends!


trinka gifted sophia with a softie cell phone & now she's always on the phone calling someone!



After arriving at the beach & setting things up, we just hung out for a couple of days.  Long bike rides were taken down to the pier and back (Dad insisted on pulling the bike trailer with both girls), bike tires were busted (mine, requiring an adventure looking for a bike shop), and lots of relaxing, reading and playing in the sand.  It was fabulous!


riding in the trailer is a LOT of work!




lucy also went for a ride...of about 5 feet before she decided that was enough!





Mom got all of us tickets to visit Catalina Island, so we were up early one morning to catch the boat.  Luckily Dad did NOT get seasick, as is often the case. Mom mixed up the days for the boat trip, but she managed to talk them into letting us go!  We explored a botanical garden and had tacos and beer while the rest of the family explored the town of Avalon.  So pretty!



Dad and the kids played on the playground




Once back to the beach, we really didn’t leave again until we had to check out.  We had lots of campfires, making smores and just because my sister was cold (she was sunning herself most days, wearing only shorts and a tank top,even when the wind was blowing hard!)  More biking, lots of playing along the water (we really didn’t go in very far – too cold!), and many seashells were hunted for.  We couldn’t have asked for a better trip!




sedona took this picture on her 4th try!



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