Huntington Beach

We’re home now and just getting back in our usual routine.  We had a great time with my parents, sister, & niece. We also lucked out and got to visit with our friends Trinka, Aaron, & Alexa at their new home.


Here are a few photos from our trip.


sophia & alexa






I’ll post more about our trip, but first I’d like to give a great big thanks to:

  • My mom, for doing almost all the cooking! And organizing & map work – I clearly was not prepared for this trip!
  • My dad, for the trailer repair help & hauling the grand kids around in the bike trailer (that really is a LOT of work!)
  • My sister, for being on kid-duty most of the time
  • Jon, for driving the trailer & doing all the trailer mishap repair work with Dad
  • Sophia & Sedona, for reminding all of us how much fun it is to play in the sand and be a kid!

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