a spring dress

I finished that dress I mentioned a few days ago, the familiar Summer dress pattern from Weekend Sewing, using fabric from Amy Butler’s Love collection.  I really like this dress.  What I like best are the modifications I’ve made to tailor this dress to fit my body better than any dress I made last summer.

Here’s the dress on a hanger:

The dress may look boxy here, but it really isn’t.  I just love the colors in this pattern. So, about the modifications I made.  First, I took an inch to two inches off the width of the dress pattern.  This resulted in a sleeker dress.

Next, I made the bodice about 1.5 inches wider. The bodice is the part you see below – between the straps and the body of the dress. I always thought it was too narrow on the other dresses I made.  I also did not do the decorative stitching on the bodice or the straps – I thought it would take away from the pretty fabric.

I mentioned that I didn’t have enough fabric, right? So I had to get creative.  I needed fabric for the back inside bodice and the pockets.  I elected to use this vibrant yellow I had in my stash. In fact, the entire dress is from fabric I had on hand – nothing new had to be bought to make this happen. And I managed to sew one of my labels on the dress – so lovely!

And here’s the pocket: perfect for holding some chapstick! All dresses should come with pockets in my opinion.

And just remember that I do not photograph very well before you take a look – here’s a photo of me in the new dress!


4 thoughts on “a spring dress

  1. A-M

    Nice job! And you look wonderful!! We need to catch up, so busy here as usual. Gonna get Sophia her gift in the mail this week, I promise!

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