some spring sewing

A very busy work (but rewarding) schedule has left me little time for crafting.  Over a week of no crafting made me put other things aside and make something.  Or finish something up, in one instance.

I’ve reworked the Summer Blouse pattern from Weekend Sewing using some nice cotton voile from Anna Maria Horner’s collection (found at SAS).  You might recall my last attempt resulted in a rather voluptuous shirt – it didn’t fit my body and the cotton fabric did not drape well.  What a change different fabric makes!  This cotton voile is so soft and silky, it’s like having nothing next to my skin.  This will be quite nice this summer.  While the fabric colors and pattern aren’t my favorite (again, it’s a SAS find, BUT it is colorful!), it will work fine for a swimsuit cover up or just a shirt to throw on whenever.


I played around with the  neckline to avoid having to use a placket.  I didn’t add much fabric for the back panel, as you can see….oops!

Next time I plan on changing the neckline so that the top looks more like something out of the Boden catalog.  I ordered some cotton voile from Anna Maria  Horner’s collection in a pattern I like, so I think the next shirt will get more wear.

Sophia got a new pair of spring pants as well, out of fabric that was another SAS find. I revamped the spring pants pattern to cover her belly and diaper better than last time…but now made the pants a bit too long. I knew they were going to be too long, but just wanted to finish them. Oh well. It’s an easy fix.


And my new favorite tool: an elastic threader I found at JoAnn’s the other day.  It makes threading the elastic through the waistband go so much faster!  Amazing! And it comes in three sizes, all in the same package!

And finally, I’m working on a familiar Summer dress pattern (also from Weekend Sewing), using this fabric by Amy Butler’s Love collection (found of course at SAS). I didn’t have quite enough fabric for my plans, so I’ve had to improvise.  I’m halfway through the project, so I’ll have to leave you wanting more, for now…


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