Apple Hot Pad

Here’s the apple hot pad, made from apple  fabric found at SAS.  I decided to try the reverse quilting method where you have your batting on the bottom and the fabric right-sides together.  I sewed all around the edges, leaving a two-inch opening.

After turning the apple right-side out, I then decided to free motion quilt an apple shape throughout.  While it’s a “postmodern” interpretation of an apple, free hand quilting was fun, even if it only looks kinda like an apple to me!


This pot holder turned out quite large.  While I may not enter any of the pot holders I’ve made in the contest, it has been enjoyable to think about different pot holder ideas.  I still want to work on the hand mitt idea.


I feel a bit ridiculous whining about not having water for a few hours one day last week.  What was the big deal?  Many in town were still without water and HEAT until yesterday, including friends up the road from us. Once I hear she didn’t have gas – for  heat or cooking – well, I felt pretty stupid. We helped out where would could with an extra space heater and firewood, but man, I still feel silly for whining.  There are many people world-wide who do without what we take for granted here.  It’s just a reminder to myself to remember things like that.




2 thoughts on “Apple Hot Pad

  1. You’re very right about the water.

    You seem to be able to get crafts done so quickly, you might think about an Etsy shop, especially with all these new pot holder ideas!

  2. A-M

    Not to be confused with the Apple iPad! Sorry you had that one coming.

    As always I am impressed with how much you get done with a little one! And I love the fabrics you use.

    And Sophia is so tall- Oh my! Almost as tall as my tall boy (90th) 6 MONTHS OLDER THAN HER. Crazy. And she is cute.

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