casserole hot pads

My sister made off with my latest pot holder attempt.  I assume that means a) she liked them enough to show people, and b) they are good enough to show people. In any event, they are colorful!


I learned so much more when making these pot holders.  But, really, they are more like casserole hot pads than pot holders. I finally realized the best method for folding the bias tape when doing the two-step binding method… like fold the tape correctly. Oops! It’s hard to explain, but by pulling the tape and folding it correctly, things seemed to better this time around. The corners seem to fold easier this time as well.


It may be hard to tell, but these two are a bit different.  I used cream thread on the quilting of one and the tangerine gold on the other. Tangerine gold thread is much  prettier, don’t you think?



I have a little bit of this fabric left, so I plan on making another pot holder in some form.  The fabric is from SAS, where else! I just love these pears! Up next – APPLES!


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