a finished laptop bag

It took three and half hours, but the laptop bag is finished.  It was a bit more complicated to create the plus signs than I thought it would, even after measuring everything several times.

I wanted to make the most of my Heather Bailey Pop Garden fabrics.  I used the red flower print and green apples prints (I don’t think the apples are Heather Bailey, but all fabrics were originally found at SAS) for the inside and the blue paisley print on the outside (I mentioned all fabrics here).

I used basic quilting techniques to sandwich the front fabric facing the inside fabric with the batting on top.  I sewed all around the “plus sign” edges, except for one side of one plus signs.  After trimming the seams and clipping the corners, I then pulled the layers right-side out through this opening.  After folding the side layers together, I then had to determine where the velcro would be located on the remaining “arm” (remember, the one opening is still not sewn, to allow for access).


I sewed one side of the velcro and then figured out where to locate the other side!  I also sewed on one of my labels, just above this point.

Now time to sew that last opening shut.  I could have used a slip stitch to make it seamless, but I am lazy.  I just pressed each fabric under and then sewed them together.  Not overly professional, but we were coming up on the four-hour mark soon.  I just wanted to have something finished before my family arrived for the weekend.  I did and I just love it!



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