pot holder contest

Prudent Baby is hosting a pretty pot holder contest, with two grand prizes: one Brother PC-420 PRW Limited Edition Project Runway Sewing Machine and one Limited Edition Project Runway Innov-ís 40 Sewing Machine. While the prize is not something I need, I thought it would be fun to try something new, sewing-wise.

My first attempt at a pretty pot holder is pretty…from far away.  Up close, you’d notice the stitching around the bias tape is not as nice and neat as it should be. My corner creases are not super crisp, nor did the two-step binding portion of the bias tape go smoothly.  But that’s me and bias tape.  We never really get along well.  I even followed the how to sew with bias tape tutorial, to no avail.

the two pieces before sewing together

You may notice here that I did the quilting on both pieces in opposite directions, just to do something different. I kinda like it.

I made my pocket two inches longer than suggested (coming in at 7in x 8 in), because I wanted more coverage in case of a possible burn.  Next time, I may make it just a bit smaller, say 6 in, to show more of the back print.  I hid my label inside the pocket, feeling the need to use my labels, since I hadn’t had a chance with all those quick-change pants!

I found the fabric at SAS. While the colors aren’t my favorite, the print immediately brought to mind a friend that usually travels with her own personal coffee cup, full of coffee – cups that looks strikingly similar to these ones. I hope she doesn’t mind having my first attempt.

Want to give making a pot holder a try?  Find the details on the contest here and how to make a pot holder here.  You have until Wednesday, February 9th to send in a photo of your pot holder.  That’s good, because I’m going to need that time to work on this project! I’m thinking about maybe making one in the traditional “hand shape” and also a couple of hot pads (or trivets, but made of fabric). I’ve got lots of pretty fabric from SAS perfect for these projects!


2 thoughts on “pot holder contest

  1. I have made potholders in the past, but have been afraid of using binding. For some who “doesn’t get along with bias tape”, yours looks great. I may use this as a practice project. Thanks!

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