a laptop bag

As you may recall, I’m working, somewhat, with a broken laptop for work (and personal).  Work ordered me a new laptop with all the stuff I need on it…and I saw it the other day!  It still had no software on it (and I will have to add even more to it once I get it here), but it was shiny red!  Such a pretty laptop!  All I asked for was something that worked, period.  Everyone’s been asking me around work if I had seen it – it’s just that pretty!


So, this shiny new red laptop will need its own protection for travel.  My current laptop used a bright blue neoprene sleeve.  Not super interesting, but it worked.  Now  I have the option to make something pretty and I’m so excited.


The bag will not really be a “bag”, but something more origami style.  I’m thinking of something in the shape of a plus sign, with the laptop in the center and you fold the plus sign “arms” over the laptop.  A little fabric, some batting, and some velcro and you’re all set.  I saw something like this in Amy Bulter’s Midwest Modern book.

I was looking through my stash of fabrics to see what might highlight the red of the laptop.  Here are some ideas:


maybe not enough red?


Maybe too much red? And it’s colorful, but not quite vibrant.  Maybe this fabric is better suited for pot holders?

I love this color combo.  I was thinking of that the red print (Heather Bailey) could go on the outside and the other on the inside.  It’s vibrant and cherry, just what I wanted.  But maybe too much white for all the traveling to and fro?


This may be better suited for pillows. Too much white again for traveling around.



And then there is this small bit of Heather Bailey’s Pop Garden I found at SAS. It is just so vibrant!  I love it.  But I only have 1/4 a yard…so I hunted around my online fabric stores and when the search turned up nothing, I went to Etsy.  I managed to find two sellers that had enough yardage (I wanted extra, just in case) to make this laptop cover.  The fabric has been ordered and is on the way!    I may still line some of the inside of the bag with a contrasting print, but I just fell hard for this print.  Apparently, so did many others, since it was so difficult to find!


I’ll post pictures once the fabric and laptop have arrived and I am able to create the bag.  I am SO excited!  It’s the little things…like having a working computer and something pretty to carry it in that make your day.


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