sophia at 18 months

Watching this little girl grow is amazing. She has so many words and signs she uses to tell you things.  One day this week, after fitting in the pieces to her dancer puzzle, she said, very clearly, “I did it!”  This was the first time I’d every heard her use more than two words together. More often than not, she uses one word and signs or points to something.  Our nanny captured the “I did it!” on video on her phone one day too, so we’re trying to figure out how to download it.

Sophia loves to read.  She’s always liked us reading to her (and still does), but now I’ll find her sitting in the yellow chair in the playroom, with a Olivia book on her lap.  She just sits there, staring intently at the page before turning it.    I know she can’t read yet, but wow. So focused.

And those flashcards.  That’s got to be one of her favorite games.  She likes to grab the apple card, say “apple” and then says “nom nom nom” while putting it near her mouth.  I have no idea where she got this from, but it is so funny. She does that to the card with “jam” on it as well, although she doesn’t like the jam to touch her face.  This card has a sticky area (all the cards are touch and feel).  We had to explain that the “cat” and “dog” card weren’t “nom nom nom“, that we pet them.  She did try to “nom nom nom” Lucy, but Lucy showed her that type of behavior was not appropriate.  Dog’s tails are notnom nom nom“.

Sophia loves to play pretend.  She used to cover up her babies, but now she’s feed them cheerios and trying to give them her milk cup.   I can’t tell you how many cheerios I’ve found in the playroom around Elmo.  She also likes to “talk” on the phone.  Yup.  I can’t believe that’s starting already. She borrows my phone to make important calls. Sometimes she even gets someone on the phone and isn’t quite sure what to make of it.   Sophia manages to schedule events on my phone (something I have no idea how to do) and the phone will suddenly go off ringing for no reason, except to remind me of an important event Sophia’s scheduled me for…

Sophia’s learning that crayons are for drawing, not eating.  Well, this is a work in progress, but she likes to get up in her tower and draw. And eat the crayons.  Luckily I bought beeswax ones that are safe for her.

She’s becoming a bit more fussy about eating, something we are trying to discourage. The pediatrician recommended not getting upset when she refuses to eat (easy to say, hard to do at times), that some kids this age only ate one meal in four. We’re also working on cutting back the amount of milk she drinks, because that could suppress her appetite for solid food.   She’s always up for a cookie or two though.

Sophia is nearly 36 inches tall – so far off the charts for height that it’s astounding. She weighs close to 27 pounds and is still growing! So, while the being a bit picky about food is annoying, she’s growing just fine.

It’s amazing to watch her grow. It’s been so much fun experiencing every new things with Sophia.


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