the latest from SAS

As I mentioned the other day, I made a trip to SAS.  It was supposed to be a quick stop, just picking up a couple of fabrics for little boy quick-change pants and some spools of thread for the new serger.  And then I saw that those boxes (you know which ones, if you’ve been there) were filled to the brim with lovely fabrics and I just had to take a peak.

And peak I did…and then I pillaged the mounds and placed the goods into my basket until it was overflowing.  The good news is that I did go back through the basket to weed out a couple of fabrics, so there would be some left for the rest of you.  The bad news is that now I have all these projects planned:

new pillows for the green couch
future pot holders that may be entered into Prudent Baby's contest
weekend sewing sundress for ME
a summery dress for ME
another weekend sewing sundress for ME

Can you tell I like vibrant colors? Lest you think it’s all about me, here are a few more:

a pillowcase dress for Sophia
a large pillow cover for the playroom
a flower girl dress from weekend sewing for Sophia

And there were many other fabrics not shown with plans for them, well, plans for most all of the fabrics I brought home.  Some fabrics were just too lovely to pass up or too small for me to think immediately of project ideas.  And the serger gets to come home tomorrow!


2 thoughts on “the latest from SAS

  1. Amy

    Going tomorrow after my hair appointment, it’s right across the street! I LOVE the green and white fabric with birds, as well as the “Olivia” fabric.

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