Activate the Tree!

Do you need a break from what’s been going on lately?  I did, so I  stopped in at SAS today, just to take a peek.

SAS has several new boxes of fabric, piled high, and I even left some fabric at the store for all of you!

It’s time to activate the SAS Phone Tree, only I don’t have everyone’s email, so here it is!

I’d show pictures of my massive haul, only they are in the wash machine as we speak.  Soon.  Lots of amazing fabrics and now I have many fun projects planned!


4 thoughts on “Activate the Tree!

  1. Maybe you could set up some sort of newsletter type thing. I don’t know if word press as an option for that. But I suppose if they did then people could sign up for and then you would have e-mail addresses…

    I went to SAS today by the way. Thanks for leaving some great stuff. That pile of fabric is so high that all I did was grab what I could see on surface. I didn’t even dig this time. So anyone else out there going to make a trip, there is still a ton of great stuff left !

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