Another Simple Dress

Using Little Homestead in the Desert’s pattern idea, I wanted to make another dress for Sophia. Unfortunately, it’s nap time, and I did not leave a shirt out on the table to use as a guide.  What’s a sewing mama to do??? I’m not going in Sophia’s room to open one of her squeaky drawers to get one!

I thought for a second and decided to use the Simple Dress pattern from Simple Sewing for Baby and just guess the rest of it.  The Simple Dress has no sleeves, so I just made them extra long (too long, but they roll up nicely) and used the neckline on the pattern as a guide, so I wouldn’t make it too large like last time.

But the neckline didn’t quite look large enough – and then I remembered that this dress requires a slit done the back for an opening – so I made the neckline a bit larger.

Then I grabbed a sweater from the back door to see if I was close enough with the neckline.  And I was.  So onto sewing!  Once cut out, the dress sews up super quick.  It will be even quicker to do the hems once my serger comes home from the tune-up. And I learn how to use it.

I did the same inside bodice trick as last time to use my label.  Clip the curved seams, fold over and press – and then a quick decorative stitch around the edge to keep it all tucked away nicely.

Quite a quick dress indeed. I made this one a little longer for my long-legged girl.

I think I’m going to try to make one of these dresses for me.  Either this simple dress style or the peasant dress style.  Sophia has such cute dresses and it is time to do more sewing for me this year.  I’m going to be a bit selfish and make myself a dress.  And maybe it will work out this time. I have some Anna Maria Horner fabric that I fell for, thinking I would use it to make something for Sophia…but every time I look at it, I think…hmmm…maybe not just yet. I think the time has come to make something out of it for me.

**** Update

So the neckline is still too big for this dress to fit Sophia!  Wonder if I just need to use elastic to make this work?  Stay tuned…


2 thoughts on “Another Simple Dress

  1. You know I actually used that pattern as well to make the body of my dress. But for the tutorial I didn’t want to use it because what if someone reading it didn’t have that pattern… I actually love the cuff look on the dress. You should try another with cuffs that look is cute!

    I agree with making more clothing for yourself. I too want to do that. Of course they will all be maternity for now…

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