testing the easy long-sleeve pattern

KC over at Little Homestead in the Desert offered a pattern for a simple and easy long-sleeved dress.  I gave it a go, with a minor modification. The fabric is from SAS, naturally, and is Nest by Valori Wells from Westminster Fabrics.

It really is quite easy to make the dress by folding the fabric so that you have only two pieces of fabric to work with when sewing. I followed her directions until the neckline (sorry KC).

When you have a gazillion of desert homespun labels to use up, making a small folded-over neckline threaded with elastic does not give you many options.  Either you stitch it on, having the stitches show through the back of the dress (which I have done and do not like) or you leave off the label (again, I have a gazillion labels and would like to put them to good use).

So I made a modified inside bodice to sew to the neckline and have my label sewn in the dress.  Basically, having my cake and eating it too. What can I say, I like my cake.

I took two somewhat square piece of fabric, laid them beneath the dress, and cut out the neckline to match (which was far too big in the first place for my model, but oh well).

After sewing the top seams of the fabric bodice together, I pinned the curves of the bodice to the curve of the dress, right sides together.  And then sewed all the way around.  Twice.

After folding the fabric inside the dress and pressing very hard all the way around the seams, I stitched a zig-zag seam along the edge of the curve for a decorative stitch AND to keep the inside bodice inside the dress. I then trimmed the bodice material a bit shorter and that was it.

A simple pattern from Little Homestead in the Desert, with a minor modification to permit the proliferation of my many labels. If I could have found a way to attach them to my holiday knitting projects without looking tacky, I would have.  Seriously, I have several hundred labels (or more)  and it will take some time to use them all up.

Thank goodness I now have a serger!!!

I can’t wait to make this pattern again, with a somewhat smaller neckline. My model was refusing to cooperate, which is why there are no “live” photos. Plus, she was sleeping when I first cut the neckline. Maybe another day…


I’d also like to shout out HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Grandma Mary (my maternal grandma also known as GG), who was born 88 years ago today!!!  We love you!!!! Here she is this past summer, with Sophia (who was 14 months at the time).


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