it’s cozy inside

Happy New Year!


We haven’t left the house much the past week, except to take some short walks and run a quick errand or two. The snow on the mountain has been lovely to see. The air outside is crisp and cold when the wind blows.

We’ve been spending our time inside, hanging out reading, playing, and relaxing. Jon leaves for five days of field work in California tomorrow..

I made the little monkey a new hat.  Still a work in progress, but this one fits better.  Certain members of this family did not like the pointy hats I made, so I went back to the drawing board.  I whipped this little one up in about an hour during Sophia’s nap the other day. I still need to refashion the strap so I can keep it on her head when she wants to pull it off.

This hat allows more of Sophia’s face to be visible – and keeps her from pulling the hat off her head as quickly because she can’t see. It’s lined with fleece, to keep those ears and head warm.

She seems to like it. It keeps her cozy on our walks…and the heater and the fireplace help keep us cozy when we’re inside.  I think it’s time for a quick winter nap while the little one is down. I seem to be taking quite a bit more naps when the weather is chilly – any excuse to get under that electric blanket!


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