snowing in the desert

We knew we were in for a treat when it began to snow here in the desert.  Sophia and I had plans to go outside this morning and feed the chickens when a friend called from up the road to tell me it was snowing!  We quickly put our wellies on and outside we went.

The little flakes were sparse and then quickly began falling faster.  I tossed the chickens their food, grabbed the two eggs they laid,  and ran after Sophia, who was running after snowflakes in the yard.

It didn’t snow for long, but it sure was fun.  We even got Daddy away from his computer for a few minutes, but by then, the snow was fleeting.

To me, cold winter days are the perfect time for making warm meals and baking. Just to have the warmth from the oven add to the heat of the house.  The lovely smells:  of fresh beer bread baking in the oven and of the cumin & coriander spices from the lentil-spinach soup on the stove top.   We roasted homegrown butternut squash from my mom’s Portuguese neighbor and combined it with spinach linguine, spinach, feta, and pine nuts for dinner.  Yummy!

I’m drinking plenty of tea and working on my knitting projects.  Thinking of plans for new sewing projects but feeling too lazy to sew.  It’s cozier to cuddle up, on the couch or in a chair, with the little one.

This is the time to rest and relax and cuddle together, thankful we have nowhere we have to be.  Except to the library to return an overdue book…maybe next year.


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